Heavy woods cargo game : extreme Monster Truck
Beta Games Studio - Jul 15, 2017


Have you ever travelled through the regions of heavy traffic! Do you feel easy drive there? Are you fed up by playing racing games? Now it’s time to become a truck driver and show your ability of a lively trucker. Cargo trucks are used for the transportation of cargas. Cargo transporter use heavy trucks like euro trucks, Monster trucks and American trucks for cargo transport. These oversized trucks can’t be used for public transportation but only used for cargo delivery. If you think yourself a perfect trucker then give delivery on time just like an army driver.
This cargo simulator game is quiet different for other transport, simulation and racing games. In this Game you have to drive heavy truck and trailers in big city just like London, Gwader and Karachi, while driving through expressway of the city you must have control on steering, gearbox, hand break and if you not have perfect breaking system then this illuminative and heavy traffic will damage you and your cargo truck and causes your delivery to fail. While playing this cargo truck simulation game you have to drive your cargo simulator safely to avoid traffic hazards just like a perfect cargo truck driver that have a lot trucking experience.
The planning of this game is different from other transport games. In this game you have to drive different heavy vehicles and transport different load like wood, oil and garbage container from one point to other destination spot. This truck Simulator delivers you an exciting and thrilling experience that will you feel like driving real trucks across famous countries from Europe, Berlin, Madrid ,Rome, Paris and more. Become the King of the Road by playing this game.
While driving Monster truck you have to avoid damages and destruction and complete your deal of delivering cargo safely. Remember you are not a crusher but a freestyle and good habit driver that avoid monster truck destruction. You have played other monster truck games but now drive monster truck simulator and enjoy a lot. Your super driving experience will attract you to play this game. You will feel difference by driving this grand truck that this game is quiet different from American truck parking games, grand truck simulator is used in this game for cargo delivery. Now be like a professional trucker and transport your goods from one place of the city to other and be remember you have to transport cargo on time and safely. In this game you may lost in the charm of the city streets and lightening and may neglect your duty of cargo transporter due to the excellent 3D graphics.
Travel across different zones of the city.
Amazing engine sounds.
Many Truck brands.
Gorgeous graphics.
Mind blowing physics.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 15, 2017
Android 3.0 or higher

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