Helicopter Strike Mission
Magnum Games Studio - Jan 10, 2017


Helicopter Strike Mission is a revolutionary defense & attack plan of ships in deep sea. The world's most powerful combat helicopters and Naval ships with efficient weapons are at your fingertips. You are not contract killer and this is not monster strike. It's a real gunship battle, air combat to eliminate enemy soldiers on ships in the ocean from your Helicopter. Be careful as enemy is fully trained with modern weapons and trainings to attack your Heli from their ships. The story is that the Fighter enemy soldiers have navy carrier illegal in our sea boundary. Maritime boundary is important, it's our glory. Terrorist squad attacks on Battleship and using against our army.
Your mission is to keep engaging your enemy while your other team members destroyed all enemy ships. Many enemy helicopters and ships are coming towards your main camp and your duty is to destroy all enemy helicopters otherwise they will destroy your main camp. As you are a leader in your team so all other soldiers of your team are depending on you.
Missions are inspired by the real-life conflicts, modern wars and clashes. Take the battle on dangerous sea waves and become the best Sea Battle player. Realistic enemy forces attacks with Navy Carrier, Vessels, Gunship and enemy armed ships and boats. Terrorist gunners equipped with weapons and armory. They carried heavy automatic guns, AK 47, mp 5 gun, smg (Submachine gun). Foe attacks and challenge our Navy Seals. Our commando seals are ready for every commando war, sea battle, ultimate air combat and a gunship battle.
Your sole duty is destroy your enemy's forces in deep sea. You have a wide arsenal. Navy Gunship Air Combat is not board game that everybody loves since childhood. Choose the weapon and try to beat foe force. It’s exacting to find out, who is the threatening at Sea Battle.
Go check the ship existence near island.
Eliminate all the resistance by enemies.
Time is short, low fuel and gunner at high hit risk, Go make a strategy and eliminate the resistance.
Your mission code is Blue Sea.
Good Luck NAVY SEALS!!
Top Action Game Features:
>War Strategy
>Unbelievably real ambush scenes
>Efficient weapon controls & movement
>Best Naval Shooting game
>Air battle with Naval theme
>Naval warships fully equipped
>Action players on battle field
>Excellent real look 3D environment
>Fabulous sound effects
>Top Action Games 2016
>Smooth flying and best FPS game play
>Optimized for tablet and latest android devices
Game Play:
-Drag the screen anywhere to rotate your gun left, right, up or down
-Tab Fire button to fire, press and hold fire button to continually fire
-Use zoom button for telescope and more clear view to ambush terrorist
-Modern weapon will automatically reload
-You have challenging limited number of gun bullets
Enjoy this amazing 3D navy war simulation game "Helicopter Strike Mission" for FREE.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 10, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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