Helium Voice Changer
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Prepare for best voice changer in the world! Transform your voice and make it unrecognizable. Make prank calls and amuse everybody around you. Use cool helium effects which will make your voice sound funny and squeaky. Imagine reactions of your friends when they hear your modified voice. You just need to download ♥ Helium Voice Changer♥ make recordings of your speech and modify them in the best possible way. And now that is so easy with this great voice modulator. Apply any of the voice effects from this voice changing app and enjoy voice editing. If you are looking for an app that will give you hours and hours of fun, you have just found it. This voice changer for girls and boys is perfect for all ages. If you ever wondered how you would sound after breathing helium, now you can find out with this cool voice editor with helium effect.
Use this voice changer in a few easy steps:
✯ Download “Helium Voice Changer” for free!
✯ Tap to make recordings of your voice and modify them in seconds!
✯ Apply any of the sound effects from this app and get edited voice recordings!
✯ Save changed recordings and share them with friends!
✯ Enjoy best voice recording and cool voice filters!
Features of voice recorder and voice changing app:
✯ Voice enhancer and voice recorder for making prank calls!
✯ Cool voice filters and voice effects for all ages!
✯ Voice modifier with helium effects!
✯ The voice changer app – voice changer deep voice!
✯ Voice changer for kids and voice changer from male to female!
✯ Voice changer with echo effect new and voice editor with effects!
✯ Best voice editor for singing!
✯ Ultra voice recorder and voice changer free!
✯ Download voice changer and start modifying sounds!
✯ Free voice recorder and best free voice modulator!
One of the most interesting ways to make prank calls or to amuse your friends is to transform your voice by adding different “voice effects” to it. And the coolest of all is of course helium effect. Have this effect for free and find it in ♥ Helium Voice Changer♥ app. This app offers you an opportunity to practice your voice editing skills and to laugh a lot. Sound in different ways and disguise your voice. Change your speech and have fun listening to your modified recordings. Choose from many voice filters from this “voice changer” software. Have best voice editor for mobile phones!
Record yourself and make changes to those recordings. Add any of the voice effects from this app, including helium effect, and you won’t regret. You will sound so funny and interesting. With this voice enhancer everything is possible. And it is completely free so you don’t have to spend your money for helium or other voice changer that are expensive or complicated to use. ♥ Helium Voice Changer♥ app transforms your voice in seconds in an easy way. If you are looking for unique and funny “voice editor”, you have found it!
Wait no more! Have this voice changer for free immediately. Make pranks and call your friends to scare them or to make them laugh. With ♥ Helium Voice Changer♥ you will enjoy every single day. This app is so cool! Everybody will be jealous of you once you have it. But, you can be the first one to try helium effects applied to your voice. Modify recordings and share them with everyone. Voice changing has never been easier. Try this app for free. Use helium voice changer, robot voice changer or any other prank voice changer because this free voice recorder is everything you need.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 9, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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