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Herenvale: A Fa..

Herenvale: A Fa..

Mososh, Inc. - May 08,2015

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In Chronicles of Herenvale, you are the hero in an epic quest set in the world of Herenvale. CoH is an easy to play MMORPG with addictive battles and an engaging story that leads you through Herenvale collecting loot as you find new allies in your effort to put an end to Marras the Demonlord.
Join a guild, view leaderboards, chat with other players and earn free daily rewards at http://play.herenvale.com.
Beautiful fantasy art is mixed with traditional RPG character building to create an addictive and fun adventure game. The PvP battles let you test your skills against others while you work your way through quests and raid bosses. Your allies build up your army so you can take down the biggest bosses in epic raids.
Unlock new areas, more powerful equipment and skills as you level up.
The lead designer/programmer for Mososh, Christian Primozich, has been building (and playing) fantasy RPG's for many years having first worked with Richard Garriott, the creator of the Ultima fantasy series and the first MMO Ultima Online.

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  • UpdatedMay 08,2015
  • Size32.22MB
  • Downloads17,123
  • Current Version2.5.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher