Hero Kids Training School Game
Vital Games Production - May 17, 2017


Kids, the future hero of any nation must be trained for extreme military conditions. Their mental and physical training is vital for their extreme survival. Hero Kids Training School brings a brand new kids training school game which is an amazing combination of action simulator. Let’s train your little kid hero for fitness and survival missions in the presence of special army military force in an epic army training school. Make you little kid hero step into the shoes of a super military commando and take them to a crazy obstacle training mission course in a real army training camp on a mysterious island. Hero Kids Training School will make kids run, jump, swim, bend, and climb, find food and pass over dangerous military hurdles. A challenging bicycle stunt ride on rough offroad terrain path will help kids become an extreme bicycle rider in this action simulator of 2017.

In Hero Kids Training School, there are crazy army school missions full of fun which kids need to pass to become a real super hero of nation. The armed US military force is in the training island school to guard your hero kids and help them face challenging military tests. Kids must know becoming a real US hero soldier of country is not easy. Extreme hurdles are specially designed for US hero kid’s mental and physical fitness on a vast island field where the kids can have extreme fun in clearing super training school course. Play as a fresh recruit, have fun and follow the instructions to clear training school course in this amazing action sim of 2017. Don’t be afraid of dirt, mud and stains. Wear uniform with dignity and play like a little warrior hero legend on rough offroad terrain path of strange army survival island.

Hero Kids Training School will make kids use all their energy and stamina. Kids need to be fully focused and balanced to show an epic discipline during training school course. It’s really hard to clear a special US army school course where extreme physical and mental drill is required but no training school course can be tougher than your will power. Show extreme amazing skills of a super kid warrior legend and run really fast to reach your target. Climb up the stairs, swim through the rivers, find food, jump over the hurdles, bend, roll over and have an amazing bicycle ride on offroad terrain path of army school. Be an extreme bicycle rider and show real bicycle stunts, jump over the ramps and reach your target in shortest possible time. Be an extreme hero kid of US armed force in a crazy training school course where you must strive for survival.

In Hero Kids Training School every step you take to progress is monitored and evaluated by the special US army trainer of hero kids. Hero kids recruited in this training school boy game must exhibit extreme military fitness. It’s time to become a hero kid soldier of your country in this super amazing training simulator game of 2017.

• An Epic Army Training Action Sim of 2017
• Special Training Course Designed for Little Hero Kids
• Outstanding Animation and Engaging Sound Effects
• Time to Become a Hero Kid Legend of Army Force
• Superb 3D Military School Environment
• Jump, Climb, Run, Swim, Bicycle Ride and Much More

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 17, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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