Highlanders, LLC - Apr 10, 2018


Become a Highlander and get the power to be there for the people and the causes you love, forever!

With Highlanders your presence is limitless: share, live and laugh with your friends & family, follow and take care of your interests, forever.

• Build your Inner Circle: start building your INNER CIRCLE: from default screen, swipe left to see your About Me page and invite friends and family by browsing your contact list under settings.
• Choose your Legacy Contact: choose a LEGACY CONTACT who will be able to activate your 'Wishes', the Highlanders superpowers.
• Share and Store Memories: on Highlanders you can post and save your favorite pics, videos, voice memos, thoughts, jokes and memories with your Inner Circle.
• Connect and Follow your Interests: from your 'ME' page, browse millions of INTERESTS to follow and follow your favorites to keep receiving their updates. Support the CAUSES you love sending them your HEARTS.
• Send and Receive Love: HEARTS are how you show and receive appreciation on Highlanders. You can send Hearts to any content you love. Furthermore, your activities may be rewarded with additional Hearts, for example while growing your network, commenting contents, and many more.
• Create your Wishes: with WISHES you can trigger on significant events such as specific dates or times, birthdays and so on and executing different actions such as sharing contents or sending special messages to the ones you love. Whenever you want, forever.

Let’s create together the community of everlasting givers nurturing the value of their digital presence!

Highlanders changes everything.
Your physical presence is not a limit anymore, with Highlanders you can continue to be there for the people and the interests you care, forever.
For every new user, Highlanders donates $1 to the ‘Hearts Fund’ and, when we will be serving advertising, half of the profits will be devolved to it!
Interest pages can launch ‘Initiatives’ to collect Hearts, whose value is related to the ‘Hearts Fund’, and then redeem it with gift cards or cash for their causes.

Be a Highlander, give love forever!

Stay tuned, we will keep adding features and capabilities!

We’d love to hear from you! Join the Highlanders community and get in touch with us: www.highlande.rs

Terms of Service: http://www.highlande.rs/terms-and-conditions/
Privacy Policy: http://www.highlande.rs/privacy/

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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 10, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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