Howling wolf
Unicrios - Apr 8, 2018


Enjoy “Howling wolf” – amazing live wallpaper with wolf, howling to the moon!

! Actual speed of animation depends on device characteristics (screen size and resolution; CPU frequency and number of cores; RAM size).
^ You may slow down or speed up animation by selecting speed value in settings menu.

In front of you there is a wolf on the background of a picturesque scenery!
The whole sky is covered with clouds.
The sun is setting above the horizon, coloring the sky in yellow color.
The full moon has appeared in the sky.
The moon is barely visible behind white fluffy clouds, flying through the sky.
The lone wolf is standing at the river flowing between the rocks.
The wolf raised its head and howls to the moon.
Although the wolf barely sees the moon, he feels it!
The wolf is sad for loneliness...
Crystal clear river is flowing underneath.
Mountains and green vegetation are visible on a background.
It looks very picturesque!
The wolf looks like king of the wolves!

Wolf is a very mysterious animal!
Its way of life and habits often bring people into bewilderment.
Furious predator or devoted and faithful member of the pack?
There are several interesting facts which will help to learn whom is the wolf actually.
The brain of a wolf is 30% more than dogs’ one.
The leader of a pack always goes ahead of the pack with highly raised tail.
Position of a wolf in pack in many respects depends on self-confidence.
The pack is always headed an alpha male and an alpha female.
The color of wolves often corresponds to those places in which they live.
All wolf cubs at the birth have blue color of eyes, but on the expiration of 2-4 months the color of eyes changes to golden-yellow color.
Wolves have the system of communication. They use howl, grumble, growl, bark...
The wolf can run with a speed of 60 km/h and jump in height to 5 meters.
For one night the wolf can pass distance in 80 km.
Under good weather conditions the wolf can hear sounds in the forest at distance of 9 kilometers.
In the eyes of a wolf there is a special reflecting layer which creates a gloomy luminescence at night and helps to hunt in the dark.
A lone wolf, howling at the moon, is a common image.
By its howling wolf can call a flock to hunt, maintain unity and morale.
Also howling can be considered as a declaration of ownership of the territory.
Howling is a natural and very effective means of communication between wolves.
In a bright moonlit night, it is easier to hunt, that makes wolves intensely communicate with each other.
Generally, wolves are most active at night.

If you live wolves – then this live wallpaper is a perfect choice!
Do not hesitate – download and set this amazing free live wallpaper!

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Apr 8, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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