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HTTP ⇄ ?..

HTTP ⇄ ?..

Piotr Zientarski - January 27,2016

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I wrote this app because Facebook™ app doesn't handle http/https links to facebook.com, but it does handle fb:// links.
With this app you can open links to facebook.com (and fb.com or fb.me) from email, chat or any other application in Facebook™ native app.
HTTP ⇄ ? converts those links to fb:// url scheme using Facebook™ API when necessary.
HTTP ⇄ ? acts as web browser (only for facebook.com, fb.com and fb.me urls) and you can set it as default browser for those links.
Works with links to:
- Profiles
- Pages / Places
- Events
- Photos
- Groups
- Notes
- Redirect links inside Facebook™ app (so you can e.g. open YouTube videos in YouTube native app)
Doesn't work with links to:
- Posts (links works, but content is never loaded so I disabled this by default)
- Videos (this one is kind of possible but you would have to authenticate with your account and I could only give you a link to the source quality (e.g. 720p), let me know if this functionality would be useful)
Known issues:
- links like facebook.com/ProfileName/photos will always open that profile/page.

About permissions:
INTERNET - For Facebook™ API, some links (like profile/page names) have to be converted to IDs.
Facebook is a trademark of Facebook Inc.

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  • UpdatedJanuary 27,2016
  • Size420.86KB
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  • Current Version1.0.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3.3 or higher