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Piotr Zientarski - August 18,2014

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I wrote this app because Facebook app doesn't handle http/https links to facebook.com, but it does handle fb:// links.
With this app you can open links to facebook.com (and fb.com or fb.me) from email, chat or any other application in Facebook native app.
HTTP → FB converts those links to fb:// url scheme using Facebook API when necessary.
HTTP to FB acts as web browser (only for facebook.com, fb.com and fb.me urls) and you can set it as default browser for those links.
Works with links to:
- Profiles
- Pages / Places
- Events
- Photos
- Groups
- Notes
- Redirect links inside Facebook app (so you can e.g. open YouTube videos in YouTube native app)
Doesn't work with links to:
- Posts (links works, but content is never loaded so I disabled this by default)
- Videos (this one is kind of possible but you would have to authenticate with your account and I could only give you a link to the source quality (e.g. 720p), let me know if this functionality would be useful)
Known issues:
- links like facebook.com/ProfileName/photos will always open that profile/page.

About permissions:
INTERNET - For Facebook API, some links (like profile/page names) have to be converted to IDs.

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  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
  • Size345.01KB
  • Downloads2,225
  • Current Version0.3.1
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.3.3 or higher