Hungry Archie
Frank Bruns - Apr 28, 2015


In this funny new game you'll get cool physics-based puzzles which require fish move action, logic and timing. Shoot the little ants, bees and fireflies to toss them into the water! But don't run out of water balls too quickly!
Master this adventure playing Archie, the hungry little archerfish, who one day comes home from school only to find his parents aren't there.
In Hungry Archie you'll get:
* A cute main character introduced in a backstory
* Dandelion action - Make the bees sneeze!
* Levels in a nightly setting (thunder and lightnings included!)
* Many different objects to use creatively
* Unlockable achievements
* Charming hand-drawn artwork
* About 70 levels full of puzzles, fun and excitement
* HD graphics on tablets and high end smartphones
* A game made in Oldenburg, Germany
* This game works well on tablets.
* If the game runs slowly on your device, please try the low quality mode from the game's settings menu.
* For children, activate "easy aiming" in the settings menu.
* Play it on your Mac or PC for free at
Please watch the video to get an impression on how the game looks in motion.
We wish you a lot of fun with the game and hope you will recommend it to your friends, kids and relatives. It would be much appreciated.
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Solutions to all levels on YouTube:
Silvia Peter (Artwork)
Frank Bruns (Programming)
Archie/Ant - Frank Bruns
Bee - Silvia Peter
Firefly - Ramona Bruns

We used some sound files from
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Current Version
Requires Android
Apr 28, 2015
Android 2.3 or higher

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