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최풍백 ChoiJaeYoung - April 29,2015

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White_Whale1.0 lizard heaven yukhyo
Yukhyo application (App) is
Pretty hard to give up on the creation of Introductory yukhyo minutes, many who
I think is designed to be easy to learn
Yukhyo the
Be the protagonist and the deities are more advanced jeomhak
Predict the future looks a lot nicer than he is a field of study to be free
     menu screen: \ n Select character bursts can be selected when clicked
     cheokjeonbeop screen: \ n Double-click the text box is cleared when convenient numbers, use
     save screen: DB storage, backup, restore, support pictures in available \ n sdcard / sixhyo_image is stored in the
     Client List screen: \ n See a list of customers. Move your editing window when clicked. Edit window to view the full four weeks from the member states can be checked
     dynamics calendar: \ n order Year season, lunar, Iljin can be checked, the date can be modified when clicked Iljin phase: \ n the main screen when you click on the Iljin Iljin be modified
     choepungbaek ChoiJaeYoung

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  • UpdatedApril 29,2015
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  • Current Version1.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 1.6 or higher