Incredible Monster VS Real Robot Survival
Gamebook Studios - Jan 22, 2018


We are bringing you a game which will make you feel like a real superhero. As free to play games are providing bundles of positive emotions rather than content. Incredible Monster v/s Real Robot Survival is a game of strategy which is plotted in a top crime scene of Vegas city against apes and robots.

Play like an incredible monster hero by keeping in mind that you are not with your monster squad and you are not comprising all those monster shooting weapons instead you are provided with deadly super powers. Robots and apes have captured the city and are threatening the civilians with their violence. There is also a fear of flying ape with flash speed and a track record of multi splash hero. An antagonist super power is supporting the revenge of the evil apes and has provided the enemy with male strength making the apes survival possible.

One thing that super robots and apes are unaware of is that a trafficker stranger incredible monster hero is still alive who has got the best crime skills and is ready for one on one combat with the enemy. Super powers that you have got in this game are extra ordinary. Staying alive in this combat is very important. Use your superkicks and super powers to handle this top crime scene.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 22, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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