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Invader: Combat strategy game. You will build city, train soldiers and challenge wisdom and strength here!

Start your mission and RPG adventure by using your hero and army in Invader now! Lead your army into desert battles to gain countless resources for successful combat, or earn resources by building up army barracks, gold mines and more. In multiplayer fights against other players, you gain his resources for your kingdom in desert and build up your empire!

In this epic multiplayer war game, you can command the Ice magician, camel soldiers and warriors to form different formations of armies to defend your cities. Grow your army and become the most powerful army commander together with your friends! Use your strategy skills to create the strongest army in order to defeat your opponent in Invader!

There are many different achievements in the game that you can aim for. You could become the richest player, or form allies to create the best alliances by uniting with other players.
After you get recognition from the pharaoh, you can gain his power and rule the Empire!
Enjoy this strategy real time battling game as it challenges you to:
** Multiplayer Fighting, war strategy and RPG Games
** Empire Builder with Casino Spins
** Upgrade your hero to gain various combat skills and abilities
** Strategically arrange your army board to maximize the fighting power
** Forming alliances in the game with friends leads to brotherhood
** Stunning battle scenes
** Play with invaders from around the world
** Unique chat system lets you make new friends

Lead your army through multiple combat games and defend the honor of your empire. Your kingdom depends on you to deploy your strategic skill and prepare for dangerous warfare. Prove yourself and download Invader today! It is FREE to play!

This application is published by Mozat, who publish Ocean Age pro, the most popular casual game in Middle East.

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 22, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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