IoT Security (Guard Internet of Things devices)
Cheetah Mobile - Nov 1, 2017


★ What can IoT Security do for you?
IoT Security is able to scan Internet of Things devices connected within a local area network, such as routers and web cameras, and detect risks like vulnerabilities or weak password in them. Once a vulnerability is found, IoT Security will immediately create a daemon process to secure the devices. For problems like weak password that have to be fixed manually, IoT Security will prompt you step by step to fix it easily.

IoT Security can also show you all the devices currently using your Wi-Fi network to help find out Wi-Fi squatters. Besides, it provides you the information of your network security, signal and speed to help you know better about your network status.

In the future, IoT Security will be applied to guard more IoT devices like smart home devices (smart TVs, floor mopping robots, intelligent air conditioners…). It will help users discover and eliminate vulnerability threats to create a secure smart home environment.

★ The threats brought by vulnerabilities in IoT devices:
1. Privacy leak. For instance, a web camera with vulnerabilities can be attacked to steal privacy.
2. IoT devices might be damaged and become mal-functional when attacked.
3. An attack on one device may result in a second attack on other devices.
4. Your payment ID might be stolen, leading to money loss.
5. The attacked devices might be used to establish a botnet to pose massive security threats.

★ Currently IoT Security supports: router and web camera.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 1, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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