kasurdev - Jun 12, 2014


Playing this Jewels game is very relaxing. Great diamonds game for kids and adults. Just try it out now. Enjoy beautiful color graphics, smooth animations, fantastic backgrounds music and sound effects. Pop as many jewels as you can and get all golden stars!
Jewels game is one of the best classic match-3 type puzzle game available in the market. Pass the levels and try to get all golden stars in each level. Every level is different. Levels are getting harder while you are progressing.
How to play:
1. Tap (match) 2 or more identical color jewels to eliminate them.
2. You pass the level if you eliminate all diamonds from the board.
3. When you pass the level the next one will be unlocked.
4. Win all golden stars in each level.
1. Number of your moves in each level is stored in the game.
2. Try to pass the level with the minimum number of moves.
3. Try to get three gold stars in every level.
4. In the most complicated levels you can pass to the next level even if you don't get any golden star.
5. Press menu button in the top bar during the game to restart the current board or generate the new board.
6. Now you can save the current game. Choose "Save game" from the menu during the game. Next time when you launch the game you will be asked to continue the last saved game.
- many different levels (hours of fun!)
- clean, nice looking interface
- you can play already finished levels (Change level option) - more chances to collect all golden stars :)
- you can play same board multiple times
- no time limit!
- fantastic music and sound effects
- beautiful graphics and animations
- animated scenes in the background
- support for mobile phones and tablets
- unlimited undo move
- sharing option
- saving game
Now you can also share your game progress with the world :)
Have fun and don't forget to rate it 5 if you enjoy it! Thanks!
Thank you all for the feedback and the support (and sometimes for the constructive criticism :)). We are still working very hard to make game better and more challenging! So stay tuned! :)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 12, 2014
Android 2.3 or higher

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