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Ahul asked him: Wosh your security in the world? He said: Ashuf the one walks to his condition
Talk to the family of Torman, son: Abe Abi cucumber father: my life, my time and the birth of my father's father: my mother, my daughter, my brother, playing the gamble.
I was in an army unit where new soldiers were in a uniformed army. They announced in the unit the visit of the commander of the army, and they chanted to the soldiers if they walked the leader of your age by taking 81 years and serving you for two years, and if they walked away from Isch, they fired on the machine gun and not on the gun..
In the sense of Eno Mobily became my mother and my mother .. We sleep with some advised with some eat with some know with some God for some of our beloved God bless us with a good battery ....

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