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Nasir Sayed - Jun 25, 2014
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Shifa-Kent 3.0
The Shifa – Kent Repertory is a complete repertorising tool. A handheld repertory couldn’t be easier to use. A perfect application for homeopaths who wants a powerful yet easy to use application offline. Quick search allows you to quickly go through the whole repertory. Each chapter and rubrics are arranged alphabetically for easy navigation. Clean and intuitive design allows for easier navigation and quick reference. Beta version offers the whole repertory with direct reference to remedies in a particular rubrics. It marks the beginning of a more robust and advance application to come.
The Shifa - Materia Medica enables you to carry different top book Boericke,J.T.Kent,Allen.Shifa allow you to search any book content words and compare with ALLEN,KENT,BOERICKE Books. Complete offline Section. You do not need any internet
This Shifa - Multiple Language: Materia Medica in Germary(German),Materia Medica in Spanish,Materia Medica in Brazil(Brazilian),Materia Medica in
Italy(italian),Materia Medica in Portugal(portugues),Materia Medica in France(French),Materia Medica in Denmark(Dutch)

Excellent Materia Medica Comparison
Easy navigation to open any remedy MM detail from Kent Reportorial
Patient Management
Chatting & Discussion Notification on every pages to reply
Better Chat Interface
New Books added Allen & Kent - Materia Medica
Search Materia Medica with three different books Allen, Kent ,& Boericke
Save Repertorisation Table with age/sex/name and comment
Kent Repertory updated.
Overview all kent .

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 25, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher