Keyboard Hero Addicting Piano
Genetix Studio - Aug 18, 2014


Keyboard Hero is your #1 creative mobile music app!

Enjoy playing/learning the keyboard in Freeplay mode with a variety of choices from traditional Piano, organ, Acoustic guitar... and many more!

Learn and create new songs, keys light up on touch and notes are streamed across the top of the screen for you to master Rhythm and Beats.

Also has funny instruments to play such as Burps & Moans!

Test your memory in Memory mode which plays very similar to the classic Simon Says game... Only with Keyboard keys!

Are you a Keyboard Hero? Attempt to conquer new & old masterpieces on the Keyboard in a mode similar to Guitar Hero! Notes must be played at the right time and correctly to win the song!

New instruments and functionality will be coming often in future updates!

Feel free to suggest any ideas or instruments you would like to see in Keyboard Hero!

Additional features coming soon!

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Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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