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Keyboard Shortc..

Keyboard Shortc..

TimSievers - August 18,2014

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Hello, I’m Tim Sievers. I’ve used every Microsoft Operating System (OS) since the days of MS-DOS in the 1980’s and over the years I’ve seen huge improvements in usability and design. However, looking back only one previous version of the OS stands out in my mind as a truly radical re-think of its predecessors, until now. In its day, Windows 95 was a game changer, users no longer had to deal with the dreaded DOS command-line because the user-friendly graphical Desktop was at the forefront of the user experience.

After 17 years, Microsoft has dared to re-imagine Windows again. The promotion of the new “Modern User Interface” (Modern UI) ahead of the Desktop and Microsoft’s push for developers to focus on building web-based touch-enabled apps for a new generation of tablets, laptops and PC’s is a major change. I can still see the Desktop remaining a big part of the user experience for a long time to come, but like Windows 95 all those years ago, Windows 8 stands out as a radical redesign.

At first this sweeping change of design can be a bit of a shock for even the most experienced Windows user, especially if you use a Keyboard & Mouse! Learning to use the Keyboard Shortcuts in this guide is an essential part of mastering Windows 8.

This handy reference is divided into several categories to help you quickly find the shortcut you need, when you need it.

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