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Rhaithware - Aug 18, 2014


Give your F5 key a well deserved rest! Kickstarter Mobile provides a mobile interface that allows you to track multiple Kickstarter projects on a self updating list right on your mobile device. Add projects you're interested in from the Kickstarter web site and stay up to date on it's progress.

How to use Kickstarter Mobile
When you first load the app you will see a white (black if on android 2.3) screen. This is the home screen where the list of projects you setup to be tracked will be listed. It is empty on a fresh install.

All the programs functionality buttons are on the action bar and in the menu. Remember to press the MENU button if your device has a hardware menu button to see all the buttons.

There are 3 ways to add projects to this list:

1 - Sync to you profile: This adds all the projects you are backing to your list in one button click.

2 - Browse for projects: This takes you to the kickstarter website. Navigate to a project you want to add to you list. Then press the "Add Project" button on the bottom of the screen.

3 - Search: If you know the name of the project you want to add, use the search function to search for the project name. Select the project you then want to add and choose "Add Project"

IMPORTANT: Kickstarter mobile does not pre-add projects for you on a fresh install of the app. A number of one star reviewers are confused by this.

What Kickstarter Mobile isn't
Kickstarter mobile is NOT an alternate mobile interface for the kickstarter website. There seems to be some confusion over this. It is, rather, a tool to assist in tracking the progress of kickstarter projects.

This free version comes with an ad banner on the main list. If you liked this app please consider supporting it through the 99c paid version and get rid of the ad.

** This is an unofficial application. I have NO affiliation with, the brand, or any services they offer. I provide this application with hopes it will be useful to fellow users of **

Visit for news on Kickstarter mobile and other Rhaithware projects.

How to use the statistics graphing
When you first add a new project to your list the statistical data will not be accurate yet. The graphs will also look fairly empty. This is because there are only data points for one day.

The graphs and estimation fields will populate with more accurate data each day data is collected (refreshing the list).


Q: This app doesn't load!
A: A fresh install of this app doesn't pre-load projects to your list for you; you will have an empty screen.
Press the menu button to start adding projects to your list.

Q: My profile won't sync
A: Make sure you are only inputting the vanity or ID part of your profile URL(address). If your profile URL is then just type in rhaith. Typing in the whole URL will not work.

If you are having problems running this app please email me so we can work it out, rather than leaving very unhelpful one star reviews.

Recent changes:
Version 1.3.1
- Added message to main list when it is empty.
- Added first run message to stats page.

This small update is meant to help those who don't understand how to use the app. There is a larger update very close to release. Look for it in January.

Version 1.3
- Updated to android 4.0 style UI
- Profile syncing working again (starred projects are no longer supported)

Content rating: Everyone

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.2 or higher