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Schradel025 - Aug 18, 2014
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Arcade KOF Free is your child's favorite arcade fighting game, a total of more than 50 characters can be selected.
The game is on unlimited coin mode, the course of the game without spending a penny, but also allows you to relive the childhood classic.
The basic system KOF97 mainly on the balance of the game has been greatly improved. KOF98 has no story, just let the players simply enjoy the Battle fun, is perfect being closest to the generations KOF, an unheard-of works.
(1) enter the game, please "coin" (the upper-right corner of the screen), coins free, unlimited investment, please rest assured, enjoy the cast;
2 coin is completed, the "Start" (top right of the screen) for the game;
Game character selection, and then will be able to normal game;
Quit the game Description:
(1) quit the game: to exit the running game, return to the main interface;
(2) exit the program: a complete exit the simulator + running game, return to the desktop \ Programs list
Special Instructions:
Has been integrated simulator of the game, no longer need to download a third-party simulator;
2 game free games, props categories of charges;
For the first time to run the game takes time to load roms, please be patient for a little while;
4 is completely free, users do not need to pay the purchase.
5 user can freely choose invincible mode.
6 user can choose unlimited kill beans mode.
7 user can select the Devil character Oh!
8 user can select the serpent Oh! Is the legend of the most ruthless OROCHI
9 user can choose to attack effect.
10 blow coma.ge_change_SDK_change_ID
Y heavy foot
A heavy
X-light foot
B Qingquan

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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