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KinScreen automatically manages your device's screen to keep it on when you need it and turn it off when you don't. This makes it extremely convenient for you, but also efficient for the battery. No more touching the screen to stop it from timing out. You will notice KS missing on a new device!

Turn screen on...
• By waving over proximity sensor
• By uncovering proximity sensor (ex. flip cover)

Keep screen on...
• By detected motion
• By waving over proximity sensor
• By tilt angle
• While in-call
• While charging
• Indefinitely, through notification or Quick Settings toggle

Turn screen off...
• By covering proximity sensor (pocket, face down)
• After a set time of not actively being kept on (regular timeout)
• After a max keep-on time
• After a custom timeout when no keep-on features are active

These rules are very configurable for you to set up as you wish, with different scenarios and exceptions.

If you experience an issue, please email, or use the "contact" menu option from the app before leaving a negative review!

How It Works:
• Motion - The display is kept on by small movements detected from you just holding the device. When motion is not detected, the screen will time out quickly to save battery. Motion is ignored when the device is resting flat so that the screen can time-out on a moving surface.

• Proximity - The screen will time out quickly when the proximity sensor is covered so that you don't have to manually turn it off before placing the device in your pocket. The screen may also be kept on by waving over the proximity sensor. You may also choose to turn the screen on by waving over or uncovering the proximity sensor. Save wear on your power button!

• Tilt angle - The screen may be kept on by tilting the phone above a certain angle from flat.

• While in call - Use this option if you like your display to remain on while the phone is on a table in a call. The display will still turn off when you place the phone to your ear.

• Works in the dark unlike other apps that use the camera to detect motion.

• Battery friendly! The service is designed to be as efficient as possible. It uses little CPU and RAM, and sensor use is highly optimized.

• Start it once and forget it! It will not interfere with any other apps that already keep the screen on.

• Watch what it does in real-time! The colored statuses at the top let you know what KinScreen is doing. Anything green is keeping the screen on, anything red is turning the screen off and anything yellow is detected and would be keeping the screen on but either there is a rule preventing it or something is turning the screen off.

Motion sensor calibration:
After installing, please set the device on a very stable surface, tap calibrate and wait 10 seconds for KinScreen to automatically fine tune the motion sensitivity for your device.

Beta testing program:
Would you like to receive more frequent Beta updates? You can opt in and out at this link:

Email if you would like to provide a translation for KinScreen. You will receive a promo code for a free upgrade to premium.

Translation credits:
Czech - Hamsa
Dutch - Michiel Scholten
Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian - Alanon
Spanish - Víctor Zamanillo Ruiz
Turkish - Özgün Rızaoğlu
Polish - Tomasz Macherowski
Simplified Chinese - Mark Lee
French - Younes El Karama
Italian - Mattia Colombo
Arabic - إبراهيم الشكيلي
Lithuanian - Andrius Drumstas
Russian - Sergei Gatitulin
German - Marcel
Portuguese - Adalberto Fontenele
Traditional Chinese - Raymond
Romanian - Andras
Hungarian - Andras

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 3, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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