Knightmore Guild
KoxKo - Dec 15, 2017


◈ The final edition auto-combat game of 2017! Knightmore Guild is here!
◈ Rule your own Guild with 140 unique Mercenaries!
◈ Aim to be the best! Be the conqueror in Guild Battles!

◈ Knightmore Guild ◈

◈ After being rejected from the major Guilds, Sir Robin established his own in order to prove to those who turned him down that they made a major mistake!

◈ Knightmore Guild - Game Features ◈

◈ Manage Your Own Guild!
- Run your own Guild with 140 unique Mercenaries and over 200 skills!
- Use the right Mercenaries with suitable skills to achieve victory! Start your adventure and make your Guild famous!
◆ Watch exciting auto-combat!
- You won’t be able to take your eyes off the screen with the game’s smooth animation and fascinating visual effects! Assist your Mercenaries to defeat your enemy!
- There are 6 available classes for your Mercenaries, each with a distinctive play style. Use their abilities strategically!
◆ Open Guild Battle!
- You don’t need tickets anymore to join a Guild Battle! Fight Guilds with their own special characteristics and become the Supreme Guild!
◆ Infinite Rebirth!
- Claim infinite power with Rebirth Stones!
◆ 13 Royal Family Treasures
- Claim 13 different Royal Family Treasures, such as the Scepter, Holy Grail, or even the Throne!

◈ Game Information ◈

◈ Check new information on Knightmore Guild on the official Facebook page.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Dec 15, 2017
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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