Kong Gorilla Monster Attack Robot Monster Rampage
The Entertainment Master - Jan 13, 2018


Play your part in this gorilla attack which is like the gorilla rampage where the angry gorilla acts as the mixture of the monkey attack and the apes survival campaign. The robot game attracts the player as there are wild gorilla, gorilla monster and robot monster. Apart from these super robotautobots, there is future transform technology of the fighting games. Due to this, it acts like angry ape, gorilla simulator and the gorilla monkey in this survival game. If you are with animal spirits, then, here you can show your fighting skills through monsterkong and make the other players aware about your strong fighting abilities.

Come forward in this jungle survival which is in the form of city rampage of gorilla fighting games. You experience gorilla hunting by using gorilla skull which is in shooting gorilla of robot games. A real chance is open for the player of robot game where he can destroy everything by making a great show of the animal simulator with the help and aid of the futuristic robot. It is not a simple gorilla fighting but it is much more from this as there is robot transforming where the gorilla hunter is busy in robot transformation. This futuristic technology makes it pure robot fighting of the latest and the most innovative transformation games. It can be the flying robot in no time to control the action of the robot attack which is a new invention in the gorilla games.

The entry of the robot transform technology makes it real attack simulator which takes it far away from the plain animals simulator. In order to have smooth progress in this one of the latest episode of the transform games, the player must be full devoted with the monsterkong. It will help him not only in controlling the action but also to use this transforming robot in the decent and best manner. The player is in the command of the simulator gorilla which is well expert in many famous fighting skills with pure and perfect control of the gorilla attack. So, be very alert and don’t look here and there towards simple disputes during your stay in the gorilla rampage. It will definitely take you away from your previous dried experiences of the robot game.

Multidimensional gorilla.
Jungle atmosphere in city environment.
Full fledge controls.
Player friendly episodes.
Latest and finely tuned 3D graphics.
Warlike features.
Real test of your talents.
Nice proportion.

Take the control of the game and avail this brilliant chance of enjoying the variety of the action in a single sip including the real angry gorilla, furious monkey attack and the mimic apes survival.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 13, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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