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To make 2018 a wonderful year ~KOOCAN Grand Gifts only for you
Amazing videos along with amazing gifts are coming!Starbucks voucher for free and chance to win thousands worth of Grand Prize!
*Customers from more than 100 countries are using KOOCAN APP
*You will enjoy unlimited:Movies,Dramas,Variety shows,Cartoon,Documentaries, etc
*Reasons for choosing KOOCAN: High-definition,Interesting and copyrighted videos,Play smoothly,Smart functions,Considerate customer service
*What's hot:
:The love story of a Qing Emperor played by TVB Star Linfeng
< Hero Zhao Zi Long>:Lin Gengxin will tell you how to become a hero
:Luhan Breaks the destiny of dying at 18
:Who won’t like girls who are hot and also good at Kongfu
:Being updated every weekend,it releases all the stress
:Can you find out Who's the murderer?
:A fantastic story between Monster and the priest
:A romance omnibus of mini love stories
:An interesting love story between two divorce lawyers
:The love story and legendary life experience of a poet
:Five superstars open a Chinese Restaurant in Thailand
:1o most popular celebrities experience Chinese culture
*Main Parts:
- Video-on-demand: over 100,000 copyrighted videos available at any time and updated everyday
- Live Channels:CCTV channels, international channels and local channels are ready for you to enjoy.
-Discovery: Marvellous short videos with most intriguing and fun events and social information
-Special Themes:Special themes will help you more efficiently to choose what to watch
*What’s new
1.Timed comments make watching videos more interesting
2.Optimized searching function
3.Add trailers ,knowing the videos in advance
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. KOOCAN will spare no efforts to help you.
QQ : 637420856
WhatsApp/Wechat: 18576498583
For more information about KOOCAN, please check the web below:
KOOCAN Facebook page: https: //www.facebook.com/KoocanGlobal
KOOCAN APP Club:https://www.facebook.com/groups/122741111756939/
KOOCAN official website: http: //www.koocan.com/

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