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Lacak Nomor Tel..

Lacak Nomor Tel..

ID Dev Android - November 12,2014

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Input telephone number to find the telephone number location.
Besides, you can input phone number from phonebook instead of typing.
This application find the location of telephone number based of the prefix (HLR).
Currently support all operator in Indonesia such as : Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Axis, Esia, Smartfren, Flexi, CERIA and TELKOM SLJJ area code
HLR Lookup does not have the ability to know the details of a number of information such as name, address, position, etc., because the detailed information of a number is the privacy of the owners of numbers known only to those operators and the authorities.
HLR Lookup this could only detect the number of these operator :
Telkomsel, Indosat, XL, Three, Axis, Esia, Smartfren, Flexi, CERIA and TELKOM SLJJ area code
HLR (Home Location Register)
The home location register (HLR) is a central database that contains details of each mobile phone subscriber that is authorized to use the GSM core network. There can be several logical, and physical, HLRs per public land mobile network (PLMN), though one international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI)/MSISDN pair can be associated with only one logical HLR (which can span several physical nodes) at a time.
The HLRs store details of every SIM card issued by the mobile phone operator. Each SIM has a unique identifier called an IMSI which is the primary key to each HLR record.
The next important items of data associated with the SIM are the MSISDNs, which are the telephone numbers used by mobile phones to make and receive calls. The primary MSISDN is the number used for making and receiving voice calls and SMS, but it is possible for a SIM to have other secondary MSISDNs associated with it for fax and data calls. Each MSISDN is also a primary key to the HLR record. The HLR data is stored for as long as a subscriber remains with the mobile phone operator.

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  • UpdatedNovember 12,2014
  • Size226.53KB
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  • Current Version1.1
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.2 or higher