Legend Strike Zombie Sniper Shoot War Online
recs games - Jan 11, 2018


Run and shoot on the maps! Constantly updated! Kill boss and get prize! Sniper duels! Prizes for identifying bugs and useful suggestions to improve the game! Participate and get game currency for free! Simple and easy operation, the system bots, zombies, weapon upgrades.
Non-stop game. Go from other map automatically.
Make your unique weapon skins with a system that is constantly being added and are available for all types of primary weapons.
Upgrade your gun barrel to add precision.
Upgrade your weapons mechanism to add or rate of lethal force.
Add sights, to get better and to increase the firing range.
Increase the number of additional stores to have more rounds.
System experience and ranks makes the game more interesting.
Clean and simple design does not distract on trifles. Large buttons do not irritate.
A variety of weapons - from light to heavy machines rockets. Any weapon, enhanced to the maximum becomes a death for the enemies!
Smart robots play against zombies for you until you are on it do not start firing.
Smart zombies prey on you and went out and brought wherever you are on the map!
Bots and zombies can be added to a maximum of 5 bots and zombies on a single card.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 11, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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