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Legendary Fighters

Legendary Fighters

BerkBox - May 20,2014

Racing Games


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★★★★★ Become a Fighter ACE! Legendary Fighters is an amazing game with 3D graphics, that mixes arcade style with characteristics of combat flight simulation. Inspired in 60's jet era, the game brings the experience of dogfight in immersive environment and cockpit view.
★ Cockpit view
★ Aerial combat missions
★ 9 flyable fighters (8 on Store)
★ Strike and close support missions
★ XP System for military rank
★ Intuitive Controls
★ Clean interface
★★★★★ Become a Fighter ACE!

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Additional information

  • UpdatedMay 20,2014
  • Size31.66MB
  • Downloads27,011
  • Current Version1.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.0.1 or higher