LINE Rangers
LINE Corporation - Sep 12, 2018


Do you know LINE Rangers, the fun casual defense RPG game?
It's a cool hybrid of the defense and RPG game genres, with a helping of action thrown in!

The Alien army took Sally! Rescue her!
Everyone in LINE FRIENDS is being Rangers and ready to go to save Sally!
Start LINE Rangers now and experience this perfect mix of action and defense gameplay yourself!
Go on, you'll love it!

◾️Sweet and adorable LINE characters
There are tons of original LINE characters coming your way along side Brown, Cony, Moon, and James!
Assemble your own Rangers Team with all the new Rangers coming out every month!

◾️Ranger Evolution System
Fight with your Rangers and combine them together to level them up!
Collect evolution materials from special stages and advent stages and use them to make even stronger Ultimate and Hyper Evolved Rangers!

◾️Powerful Gear
Equip your Rangers with Gear to improve their stats!
Get all kinds of Weapons, Armor, and Accessories to make your Rangers more powerful!

◾️Battle Variety
Enjoy the variety of battles in LINE Rangers!
- Main stages: Fight to save Sally
- Special stages: Collect evolution materials
- Guild raids: Work together with members of your guild
- PVP: Battle against other users and rise to the top of various leagues
- Advent stages: Get Advent Rangers that are required to carry out Hyper Evolutions
- Infinitower: Save the inhabitants of the Yellow Planet (mission-style)

◾️Exciting Team Play
When you find yourself in a tough battle, summon friends to help you out!
Also, join a guild with friends and you can have even more guild members help you out in a pinch!
Partake in guild raids with other guild members and go after all the guild perks!

◾️Brew up more fun at Leonard's Lab!
Use Rangers, Gear, and Materials to create all the evolution materials you need!
Make Ultimate Evolution Materials and use them to get Ultimate Evolved Rangers!
Train your Rangers and perform experiments at the Secret Lab to get awesome rewards!

Play now, and see how really fun it is!

※You may have difficulty playing the game if you have problematic Wi-Fi connectivity and/or issues with your network environment.
※Connecting via Wi-Fi is recommended.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 12, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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