LINE Rangers
LINE Corporation - Jun 7, 2018


Alien troops kidnapped Sally! Go rescue her!
To rescue LINE's cutiepie, Sally, her friends in LINE Town transformed into Rangers!
With the Rangers, defeat the alien troops and save Sally and Yellow Planet! You will, right?

[Cute LINE characters full of charm]
You can meet many different LINE friends including original characters like Brown, Cony, Moon, and James!
Create your own team of Rangers with over 400 cute characters!

[Ranger upgrade system]
Join a battle with your Rangers or combine them to level them up!
Gather evolution materials in special stages to increase your Rangers' grades!
Level up your Rangers and help them evolve! They will become more powerful than ever!

[Powerful gear system]
Equip your Rangers with gear to improve their stats!
Get weapons, armor, and accessories with a variety of stats and equip your Rangers with them!
Enhance and reinforce your gear to make it more powerful.

[Different types of battle]
Enjoy many different types of battle in LINE Rangers!
- Normal stage, where you can go rescue Sally
- Special stage, where you can acquire evolution materials
- One-on-one battle PVP, offered per season
- Arena, with many different options
- Endless mode, with a never-ending stream of enemies
- Guild raid, to be enjoyed with other guild members

[Fun co-op play]
If the battle is too hard, summon a friend to get help!
You can get more help from other guild members if you join a guild! Enjoy guild activities with friends!
You can enjoy guild raids with other guild members and also enjoy various guild benefits!

[New game feature: Leonard's Lab!]
Use Rangers, Gear, and Materials to create all the Evolution Materials you need!
Make Ultimate Evolution Materials and use them to evolve Ultimate Evolved Rangers!
Train your Rangers and perform experiments at the Secret Lab to get awesome rewards!

Please note:
※ It may take longer to connect to the game depending on your Wi-Fi or network status.
※ It is recommended that you use a Wi-Fi connection for improved gameplay.

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 7, 2018
Android 4.0 or higher

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