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AryaStudio64 - May 15, 2018
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Live Streaming Show & Game Manual

Live Streaming Show & Game Manual is teach to brings together millions of users worldwide, more than 10000 talented hosts from countries such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam, and more than 5000 supermodels, actors, and part-time hosts. Join the party and enjoy a real-time showcase of different lives and cultures spanning across the globe. Live and recorded video of top video games, esports events, art, cooking, music, and more. Watch live stream and start Live stream any time any where you want. Direct message is here! Chat with your friends through MeMe. LIVE Stream gets countless fans over worldwide, MeMe makes you become SUPER STAR

Live stream to your favorite platform. Share epic game moments with a wider audience by streaming your game directly to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch from your phone! Stream, record, chat, and find friends, and more with our customized game overlay tools, including multiplayer mode for Minecraft and friend finder for any game. In-game voice chat. Unlimited real-time group voice chat makes it easy to coordinate in-game attacks with your team or just chill and talk and live streaming recorder. You can easily meet hot live video streaming show people, online idols, video game masters and people who are super talented. Live Streaming Show & Game Manual is the way to make friends and life a hell of a lot more fun. There will always be users broadcasting and watching 24/7. Waste no more time and enjoy downloader every second of it!

Want to become Famous or Super Star ?
Want to make your life more interesting or surprising ?
Want to show off your live streaming game talents or share interest to friends around the WORLD ?
Come and Catch up in MeMe ! DO NOT miss any opportunity to change your life journal webcams.

Join & Experience a new dimension of Live Auction. Your dynamic selection of singing performances that connects you. A borderless journey experience traveling with your choice of idols. Ne

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Current Version
Requires Android
May 15, 2018
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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