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Do you still bother for not having your locale (languages) on your telephone? Or do your still bother for the difficulties of finding your locales (languages) out quickly? Don’t worry any more! With the help of the Locale More Pro, nothing is impossible!
Locale More Pro is a professional App specialized in setting language. As soon as you clicking the App, you can select and set any languages you are familiar with.
The App is especially useful for the users whose telephones have no certain languages for them. Generally speaking, there are four advantages of the Locale More Pro comparing with other similar ones:
1. Any languages can be set for in which almost all locales (languages) in the world are included in the App. If there is no certain language for you on the telephone, you can find it in the App and set it on your telephone quickly.
2. Some frequently-used languages can be stored as you like, which could save your time to seek your languages out.
3. There is corresponding national flag to match each locale (language). According to the flags, you can find out and set your familiar locales easily and effectively.
4. The languages can be set by consumers, i.e. you can combine languages with any locales freely in line with your requirements.
5. There are three kinds of display models to choose. You can display the languages and locales in English, or in your own language as well as with their codes according to your preference.

Don’t bother any more! Download and apply it as soon as possible! You will find how useful and effective it is! In one word, the Locale More Pro is consumer-friendly App. Don’t miss it!
*Notice* Support android 4.2+
After Android 4.2, the permission CHANGE_CONFIGURATION has changed by google. This app can not get this permission automatically to change locale.
If your phone has the root permission, LocaleMore could get the permission automatically.
If get the permission automatically failed or has no root permission, don’t worry, open LocaleMore, go to setting, click 'support 4.2+' button to learn how to grant the permission CHANGE_CONFIGURATION manually by yourself.
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Aug 18, 2014
Android 1.6 or higher

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