Mafia Empire
The Game Boss - Jun 25, 2014


** Best Mafia Game on Android with real social features **
** Amazing 3D Graphical buildings and compelling game play

Known for crafting addictive strategy game : The Game Boss presents "Mafia Empire".
Mafia Empire is militarized land, aiming to recover it’s glory, You are given charge of land, where you invite businesses and earn protection money. You use the protection money to build weapons and launch attack against other mafia empires. Your ultimate goal is to become strongest empire in the world.
The game has following features:-
1. Bring businesses and earn protection money from businesses
2. Build military weapon factories and produce weapons of mass destruction
3. Use weapons to fight against other mafia empires
4. Visit and rate other’s empires
5. Put people on hit-list and destroy opponent
6. Make neighbor and allies
7. Get onto leader board
Mafia Empire has the distinction of being The Game Boss first graphics based game to portray violence and modern warfare. It uses features most favored by community, hit-list and shout out. We hope the game will be great success.

If you are looking for real strategy game with 3D Graphics, this is the best game to be Mobster or Villain. Fight with other gangs , engage in GangWar and Commit Crime life. If you are bored of farming and fishing, and beleive have become adult : then this game is for you. Build your crime story by doing crimes and your crime story will be published on leading social networks. You should be GodFather of your own crime mafia empire and you empire and leaderboard will tell your crime story to everyone.
-- God Father

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jun 25, 2014
Android 1.6 or higher

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