Mafia Mystery
Toast LLC - Jan 1, 2018


Join your friends in playing an online twist to the classic social/card game, Mafia!

Mafia is a game about a town where every night after the townsfolk go to sleep, a death occurs! The following day there are trials and a guilty person is decided. The goal is to figure out who is guilty through a series of investigations. If too many regular townspeople are killed, then the mafia will win. The game is full of interesting characters like the Cop, Doctor, Granny, Sniper, Framer, Kamikaze, Godfather, and many more. Custom avatars can be made in the app, as well as the freedom to create games and invite your friends.

With Mafia Mystery there’s no need for a narrator, so jump in and start playing games! You can create games with up to 16 players, private mode, 13 unique roles, and a customizable game length.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 1, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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