Magic Piano Tiles 9
Mejia Games - Oct 3, 2018


Have you ever dreamed of becoming a professional pianist like the greatest? Have you ever dreamed of playing classical songs? Your dream can come true with Magic Piano Tiles 9, with this piano app even a child can play classical songs like a real piano master. It's easy to learn and incredibly fun to play! Have you ever dreamed of being a piano master? By tapping on the piano black tiles, you can play your favorite songs like the greatest pianist.

Game rules:
Magic Piano Tiles 9 is very easy to play. Tap on the piano tiles continuously to play the music. Watch out for the white tiles and never miss any piano black tiles to complete every song!

Download Magic Piano Tiles 9 now and play forever for FREE while improving your reaction speed and musical skill! Magic happends. You are now a Pianist.

Game features:

- Magic piano tiles is a colorful game
- Songs are synchronized with the piano tiles
- Many songs available in Magic Piano Tiles 9
- Piano black tiles
- Piano white tiles
- Pink piano tiles

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 3, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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