Magnus Ignis
GREE Inc - Oct 24, 2014


All dreams have come true.
As have the nightmares.
Magnus Ignis - the great fire, an unprecedented dimension-shattering magical eruption - has fused together the possibilities of all worlds and histories...
Heaven, Hell, and Earth have all been merged. An infinite number of gods, monsters, and mortals have been scattered throughout a single world.
As a king in this chaotic universe, you shall lead these legendary beings in the battle to protect your land and people!

Prepare for Magnus Ignis! A whole new breed of Trading Card Game in a chaotic fantasy world. Deadly dragons. Infernal deities. Seductive demons. Heroic warriors. Immortal monarchs. Fearless soldiers. Ghastly humanoids. You can possess all of them for FREE!
See some of what we have: Salamander. Golem. Skeleton. Succubus. Zombie. Mummy. Griffon. Orc Lord. Dwarf. Mordred. Battle Nun. Musketeer. Bandit. Pirate. Executioner. Assassin. Sorcerer. Witch. Samurai Girl. Ninja Girl. Wind Rider. Bat Diver. Pegasus. Hydra. Cyclops. Cerberus. Minotaur. Fenrir. Thunderbird. Unicorn. Wyvern. Dragon. Troll. Carmilla. Werewolf. Medusa. Harpy. Genie. Elf Knight. Rocket Rider. Arachne. Lady Kung-Fu. Samurai Princess. Ninja Lady. Tyrano Rider. Mandrake. Shaman. Druid. Tezcatlipoca. Scheherazade. Jeanne d'Arc. Cleopatra. Siegfried. Loki. Arthur. Guinevere. Merlin. Morgana. Hercules. Icarus. Helene of Troy. Gilgamesh. Goliath. Salome. Hermes. Apolon. Hekate. Ra. Bastet. Ganesha. Zeus. Athena. Artemis. Aphrodite. Gaia. Odin. Thor. Brunhild. Shiva. Tiamat. Jormungandr. Great Dragon. Kraken. Leviathan. Behemoth. War Alchemist. Phoenix. Sphinx. Chimaera. Talos. Lady Justice. Grim Reaper. Garuda. Dwarf King. Hades. Poseidon. Lancelot. Sinbad. Cloud Dragon. Flame Dragon. Mech Dragon. Cannon Dragon. Nike. And much more!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 24, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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