Make up For Queen
bxapps Studio - Aug 29, 2016


Hi, the queens are wonderful, they have many responsibilities and often in the evening they feel very tired and stressed. Always they need of special care in order to relax and to look great. Queens should always be beautiful and today you will have to help her. The salon spa where she goes today is closed and you have to go to help her to look good even in her palace. You will find everything you need to be able to fulfill all desires of this beautiful queen.
This beauty game for girls will help you to play and have fun and at the same time will help you make a new friend. Everyone wants to have a friend queen and you will have the opportunity through this makeup game for girls.
Follow all instructions of this game for girls.
Good luck!
1) At first you will notice that the queen has some face problems;
2) Prepare a facial treatment;
3) Apply an exfoliating gel that cleans well and then you can start to prepare the best face masks;
4) Apply a few face masks that will help her skin to look good;
5) Apply a moisturizer;
6) Rinse with warm water after each application;
7) Clip her eyebrows;
8) Remove acne;
9) Now you have to makeup her, apply: lipstick, mascara, powder for cheeks, eyeshadow, contact lenses, eyebrow pencil and finally choose the most beautiful hairstyle;
10) The best part is when you have to choose which dress to wear it;
11) Choose the special accessories;
12) The Queen is very beautiful, she is happy to meet you.
Thank you for help, please come back daily to help us through this makeup queen game.
Have fun

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Requires Android
Aug 29, 2016
Android 2.3 or higher

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