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MamaHelpers Limited - Feb 15, 2018


MamaHelpers is the largest and fastest-growing global network gathering foreign domestic helpers, employers and agencies. Within 4 months, MamaHelpers hits 150K registered foreign domestic helpers and connects with more than 50 agencies and training school worldwide. Thousands of families have reached their perfect foreign domestic helpers on our FREE database platform.

MamaHelpers aims at presenting a professional image for everyone involved, and opt for building up trust and transparency in this industry. At the same time, by using technology to support a one-stop solution, making the entire hiring process easy, hassle-free and efficient for employers. We are also providing better deals in hiring service to our users.

MamaHelpers is also offering UK certified caregiver training programs for foreign domestic helpers. MamaHelpers Academy was established to help domestic helpers upskill themselves and enhance their knowledge in caregiving and nursery.

By using the one-stop hiring solution in MamaHelpers, employers can :

- Access an extensive database of foreign domestic helpers
- Take full control in filtering, screening and selecting information
- Connect, message and schedule an appointment with your potential foreign domestic helpers
- Submit employment documents directly through our app to save costs and time
- Share and support discussion in our forums

MamaHelpers innovates the way you hire!

By showcasing your professionalism in MamaHelpers, foreign domestic helpers can

- Access an extensive database of job posts
- Create an outstanding profile and search for overseas jobs
- Become verified users to grab promising job opportunities
- Engage in a dynamic community

Publish your resume now! You are going to enjoy this exciting employment process and endless benefits!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Feb 15, 2018
Android 4.1.2 or higher

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