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Poke64738 - Aug 18, 2014
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Thanks to David Valdeita (MAME4droid, Seleuco) for the permission to make my own USB version of his MAME Android-Port.

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- Android 3.2 (or newer) Device with USB Host Port and 1024x600 or higher
- USB Joystick Center App (it needs the universal USB Joystick/IME routines)
- USB Joystick/s or USB Joystick Adapter/s with an old Joystick


- 4 Player Support (now you can play with your friends!)
- Full USB Joystick support (with the needed USB Joystick Center App)
- Faster Graphic Emulation (no slow down with HDMI out)
- Easy GUI with predfined optimal settings
- Not claimed rom dir (name it "mame_roms" at any place you want)
- Help Site

I'm an old fashion computer fan of the Arcade Games, but with the available MAME Emulators in the Android Market you have no USB Joystick functions. So I thought by myself, why not make it better? I removed the touch functions and added support for my "USB/BT Joystick Center" App to use the universal Joystick routines, so I can use any USB Joystick I want :) Then I changed the GUI and other things. I will make it better and better over the time and you can send me your wishes if you like. Please rate this not with one star if you got problems, send me an email and I will fix it. Thanks!

The Famous Mame emulator was made by Nicola Salmoria + Team, ported to GP2 by Franxis and was ported to Android by David Valdeita (MAME4droid, Seleuco). Sources are available on Google Code, search for mame.

Copyright © 1997-2010, Nicola Salmoria and the MAME team. All rights reserved.

Market: arcade mame mame32 mame4all usb joystick center tablet app wireless x360 xbox atari vcs 2600 emulator fpse playstation ps1 ps2 ps3 nintendo 64 N64 n64oid super mario cart android honeycomb tf101 asus transformer xoom wii games psp nes snes

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 3.1 or higher

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