Mega Mobile Streaming
PycuSoft - Nov 11, 2016


NO OFFICIAL app that allows to manage your MEGA account.
This application communicates directly with servers. It has been written from scratch specifically for Android.
Play your music or your videos instantly as they are downloading, starting from where you want. It also works with MEGA links. You will need a good video player to improve compatibility with codecs and formats. MX Player and BSPlayer seem to work perfectly, but you can use any other.
Also, you can block the app using an unlock pattern to preserve your privacy ;-)
Please report errors to
The application is not under active development. It will only be updated to fix severe bugs.
The available features are:
- Acess to your account
- Download your files
- Download folders (including subfolders and taking care of already downloaded files)
- Upload files to any folder
- Upload folders (including subfolders and taking care of already uploaded files)
- Create new folders
- Create links for your files and share them
- Download links
- Create new accounts
- Delete files
- Cancel uploads/downloads
- Navigate through your folders
- Rename files and folders
- Select download folder
- Open downloaded files from notification bar
- Streaming! even with subtitles support.
- Download and streaming from shared folders
- Move files and folders
- Add and delete contacts
- Instantly send files and folders to your Mega contacts
- Get and share links for folders
- Download folder links
- View thumbnails for uploaded/downloaded images.
- Upload files from other apps, using share/send file option.
- Manage several accounts with custom names.
- Open files with only one click (they are opened automatically after download)
- Download and stream link from (
- Open Mega links by clicking in other apps (Browser, Gmail, WhatsApp...)
In order to upload any type of file, you must install a good file explorer like "ES File Explorer" or any other. Otherwise, your phone will be able to upload audio and image files only. You can also upload files using the "Share/Send file" option from any other app.
We hope you enjoy this app.
Tito B. Ngomo, for his important collaboration testing the app, sending suggestions and reporting errors.
French translation (William Meunier)
New in version 1.40:
There is a new synchronization feature that you can configure to be activated only over WiFi. The app needs this permission to know if the phone/tablet is connected over WiFi or 3G.
If you activate the new synchronization feature, the app needs to start in order to know when a new media file is added to the phone. This permission allows the application start this feature at boot time.
This version has an integrated audio player to play your audio files in streaming. The app needs this permission to stop the music if a new phone call arrives
Previous permissions:
This is needed to upload/download your files.
This is needed to prevent that the WiFi and the CPU go to sleep when uploading/downloading a large file.
This is needed to be able to download to your external storage (SD, USB storage...)

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Current Version
Requires Android
Nov 11, 2016
Android 2.3 or higher