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Dušan Merta - September 12,2014

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Simple MELD score calculator. You can use both, U.S. (mg/dL) and SI (µmol/l) units. (This application can also be used for units conversion.) It uses values for serum bilirubin, serum creatinine, and the international normalized ratio for prothrombin time (INR).
The following formula is used for calculation: MELD = 3.78 ln(bilirubin [mg/dL]) + 11.2 ln(INR) + 9.57 ln(creatinine [mg/dL]) + 6.43
The Model for End Stage Liver Disease (MELD) is a scoring system of the severity of chronic liver disease predicting short-term mortality. It was found to be useful in determining prognosis and prioritizing for receipt of a liver transplant.
Reference: KAMATH, Patrick S., et al. A model to predict survival in patients with end‐stage liver disease. Hepatology, 2001, 33.2: 464-470.

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