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MeZeZe Inc - Aug 18, 2014


As seen on channel 10 Israel "Layla Calcali" at December 20, 2011!!!

As quoted by Reporter Maayan Priluk from "Layla Calcali" at channel 10 on December 20, 2011 regarding Mezeze: "The app is offering a service that will allow you to know who's calling you before you answer the call, finally an app that will make sure you will have the ability to know who is on the other end before you accept the call."

As quoted by Reporter Amit Ezer from "Don't you get tired from unknown calls? there is a new app on iphone and android market that Find out instantly who's calling you before you answer the call!" (

Receiving calls from a number you don?t recognize?
Mezeze will show you in the spot and before you answer the call who is on the other hand!!!

Mezeze is totally FREE!!!!!

MeZeZe is a social Phone Book Application.
MeZeZe allow users to see the name of the person who's calling them in real time.

For MeZeZe application to work, First you have to make a 3 step Authentication sign up. First, enter your phone number. After you enter your phone number, MeZeZe will send you a 4 digit verification code via sms. Last part, you can chose whether to sign up with your Facebook account or manually enter your name and address. Your done! Care to share this app with friends? Just press the "Share via SMS" button.

if you haven't received a confirmation code: use this one: [4326].

Recent changes:
Upgrades are free as well:

****MeZeZe Version 2.5 (Beta)****

Bugs Fixed:
- Removing the GPS Location Process
- Rate Known calls disable by default

****MeZeZe Version 2.3 (Beta)****

Bugs Fixed:
- GPS Bug
- Phone sleep mode

****MeZeZe Version 2.1 (Beta)****

New features Added
1.Rate Known calls by MeZeZe
2.Add Unrecognized calls to MeZeZe.

Bugs Fixed
No internet connection on manual registration.

Content rating: Low Maturity

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2014
Android 2.1 or higher

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