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Mimi Pregnancy & Parenting Inc. - Nov 23, 2017


“Application for Women, Mom and Baby Number 1 in Indonesia”

Life is a journey! But for women we have a slightly challenging phase than men, one amidst several of them is monthly period and soon after marriage women will think of the pregnancy preparation before they jump into the real phase of pregnancy but they don’t mean an end of the journey as yet another phase of post-pregnancy is to follow after it. To make the journey of PPP (Period, Pregnancy and Parenting) at ease, Mimi provides various reliable information for modern women, starting from women who want to prepare for the pregnancy, women who already get pregnant, and mothers with newly born baby.

First of PPP, Period, Mimi as a convenience girl thing provides easy to use menstrual calendar for calculating and recording menstrual cycle. Every woman, including those who have irregular period can use this application to remind them it lets the users know what they will undergo in their period from cramps, PMS and monthly schedule. If there are any disorder happen for instance vaginal discharge or cervical fluid, delayed period or earlier period can be detected in Period Tracker of Mimi that later will be shown in graphics. To get all the advantages, the users need to fill in prediction menstruation date in order for the application to be able to detect the period cycle length and how long the period day is going on and make a diary out of it to record any interesting trivial along the period.

Second of PPP, Pregnancy, Mimi is first and only application that provides a complete information about week by week and day by day stages of pregnancy and post-pregnancy guide for the new mothers. Not only that, the further exploration of the pregnancy journey can be experienced in day by day stages of pregnancy for the daily dose of pregnancy hacks, fashion hacks and healthy hacks. In order to get full advantages from the aforementioned to the birth control, pregnancy monitoring with it being a kick counter in pregnancy process, and due date calculator, the users should record the approximate beginning date of the pregnancy to predict the due date of the actual labor day. Not only that, the pregnant moms can cherish their current undergoing state and make it memorable in Mom’s Diary section.

The last of PPP is Parenting, Mimi would let the parents of a newborn from infants to pass one of the milestone or priceless moment in their life at ease. The articles will let the parents and young moms know deeper and well aware of their overall necessities in order for the condition of the parents and young moms to get back in good term. Child rearing no longer an exhausting and less stressing experience especially for young mom of changing the newborn’s diapers as the application will provide useful insight for early parenting guides from baby care education and psychology, breast feeding to baby’s recipe and other relevant guides such as feeding guides and sleep guides.

Let’s download Mimi now! Enjoy the advanced features that have been provided.

Period Tracker
• Simple and elegant design
• Predict and remind menstrual cycle
• Record mood
• Record menstruation flow
• Record temperature and weight
• Record good habits
• Write all day activities
• Shop women’s things
• Invite friends to share in application information

Pre-Pregnancy and Pregnancy Tracker
• Predict fertile time and ovulation day
• Predict the due date
• Record intercourse activities
• Record the leucorrhea
• Provide information about day by day and week by week stages of pregnancy

• Record gender and birth date of the kids
• Provide discussion forum for the mothers
• Provide information regarding child rearing
• Provide articles about parenting
• Provide consultation room with the experts

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Nov 23, 2017
Android 4.0.3 or higher

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