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Minion Sound & ..

Minion Sound & ..

Top_Ringtones - August 18,2014

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Minion Sound & Soundboard come with Crazy , Funny , Naughty and ever Exciting Minions , Minion Sound to rock n roll your world.
Minion Sound & Soundboard collected a lot of funny and very cool Minion Sound of the animated film "Despicable Me" & "Despicable Me 2"
All the cutest and funniest Minion Sound & Soundboard from "Despicable Me " & "Despicable Me 2 " by the minions in their popular movies and trailers .
In Minion Sound & Soundboard you’ll be able to seamlessly free, high quality minion sound & ringtones, notification sounds, sms tones all optimized for your device.
Minion Sound & Soundboard come with minion songs and Minion Sound such as minions text message, minion laugh sound, minions banana ringtone, minion beedo, minions ringtone…
So just dive into the world of crazy minions and fall in love with them and enjoy using the Minion Sound & Soundboard.
The Minions are small, yellow, cylindrical, creatures who have one or two eyes and are one of the most notable characters in the "Despicable Me " & "Despicable Me 2 " films.
Talking Minions with sweet voice to make you laugh n roll on floor with their addictive dialogues.
With Minion Sound & Soundboard, you can set the ringtones, alarm, sms tone, and even set ringtone for each of your contact and it's incredibly simple to navigate.
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List of minions sound & songs inside the Minion Sound & Soundboard application:
1 minions text message
2 beedo Minion Sound
3 minion hahahalookato
4 agnes peep
5 goto sleep
6 minion hello sound
7 minions i swear
8 minions hello
9 minion ring
10 minions sleep song
11 minion laughing
12 minions pepete
13 minion fireman
14 ymca despicable me
15 minion toy
16 minion whaaaat
17 minion ring 2
18 minions laugh sound
19 minions bee do
20 beedoo minions
21 despicable me 2
22 minions mix
23 minions sound
24 lullaby minion
25 minion mambo
26 funny minions
27 banana despicable me
28 minion what
29 minions txt msg
30 minions ymca
31 minions scary
32 minion laugh
33 minions laughing
34 minions sound
35 minions laugh 2
36 minions sounds
37 minions underwear
38 gangster minions
39 minion ujuju
40 minion drew
41 minion perdona
42 minions sound
43 despicable me 2 2
44 minion mambo 2
45 minion bottom
46 minions cow vaca
47 minion yeiii
48 whaaaat minion
49 minions papple
50 minion banana song
51 minion elo
52 minion para tu
53 minions happy birthd
54 minions laughing 2
55 miniontone
56 minions ahahah
57 minion papoy
58 agnes despicable me2
59 despicable me minion
60 minions dance remix
61 minion laugh sounds
62 minion song i swear
63 minion saying whaaat
64 minion laugh 3
65 minions sound
66 minion bido
- This is an unofficial application which is made for persons who love Minion. It's a fan-made creation. We are not affiliated in any way with Minion
- This is an unofficial app only, it is not authorized or created by the creator of the story.
- We believe that this application complies with US Copyright law guidelines of "fair use". If you feel there is a direct copyright or trademark violation that doesn't follow within the "fair use" guidelines,please CONTACT US DIRECTLY. In case any of the images violates any rights please let us know we'll remove the subjected contents immediately. Thank You
*It should be understood that "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2" content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Illumination Entertainmentor its licensors. All rights reserved. Data confirm that the trade mark and movies "Despicable Me" and "Despicable Me 2", as well as materials and related products are the property of Illumination Entertainment as well as their licensees. *
Thank you Illumination Entertainment, for this great animated comedy film!
This application is only fan site and is not responsible for any purpose other than to a study like.

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  • UpdatedAugust 18,2014
  • Size8.68MB
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  • Current Version1.0
  • Requires AndroidAndroid 2.1 or higher