Mix-it - تابع مواقعك المفضلة
ZmnSoft Ltd. - Jan 12, 2018


Tens of thousands are using the application Mix-it day ★★★★★ to communicate with sites that are important to them, from business, design, technology, fashion and many others.
Internet network full of so many wonderful sites, news sites, sport, entertainment and many others, the application of Mix-it helps you discover new sites and news sites specializes in a lot of areas of interest, and collected in one page so you'll be easy to browse.
Participated's up easily with friends and colleagues via social networking such as Facebook networks, Twitter and many others.
We believe the speed and simplicity, and make sure you that the application has been designed in the best way to read the news quickly and easily superior.

★ tens of thousands of users a day
★ news first application of its kind in the region.
★ CHANGE Massark favorite and follow the latest local and international news from Arab and foreign countries.
★ more than 1000 news sources in one place from various fields, political news, and economic, sports, entertainment and a lot of areas.
★ receive breaking news alerts as they happen.
★ latest news with your friends and colleagues attended.
★ Available on Android and Altablat phones.
★ application is also available a copy of the Web http://www.mix-it.me....

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Current Version
Requires Android
Jan 12, 2018
Android 2.3 or higher

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