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RSUPPORT Co., Ltd. - Mar 30, 2016
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Mobizen is a premium screen recording app used by millions of people worldwide.★★★★★
Over 4 million videos have been created with Mobizen & posted online. Become a popular YouTuber by using the best Screen Recorder to capture your games and videos today!

What can you do with this Mobizen Screen Recorder?
■ Record Games: record your gameplay
■ Record Video: record and save videos, right on your device.
What makes Mobizen the perfect recording app?
■ It’s completely FREE!
No need to buy a screen recorder when you can just use Mobizen.
■ Compatible with almost every Android device.
Mobizen can record device screens running Android 4.2 through 6.0.
■ Choose the best recording quality for your device.
- Quality : 0.5 Mbps ~ 12.0 Mbps
- Resolution : 240P ~ 1080P
- Frames per second: 5 FPS ~ 60 FPS
■ Use Mobizen to screenshot that perfect moment!
A simple picture captured at the right moment can tell an entire story. Use Mobizen to screenshot that moment & store it on your device.
We need your support! Your star ratings will keep us going!
Need help?
- FAQ:
- Website:
- Youtube:
[Minimum requirements]
- Mirroring: phone or tablet with Android 4.0 or later
- Recording: phone or tablet with 4.2 or later
- Browser connection: Chrome 21 or later, Safari 7 or later, Firefox 18 or later, IE 10 or later.
- PC Application connection: Windows XP SP3 or later
- Mac connection: OS X 10.7 or later

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Mar 30, 2016
Android 4.2.2 or higher

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