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Multi Craft Studio - Aug 18, 2017
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MOD-MASTER is a free application to run and install any addons, mods, maps, seeds, servers, wallpapers, as well as a complete encyclopedia of knowledge and recipes for craft. Download our MCPE Master for Minecraft Launcher universe beyond recognition.
★ Improve your game with quality mod
★ Start the servers for exciting play with friends
★ Download unusual card with stunning buildings
★ Choose and put on a beautiful skin, we have more than 2000 of their
★ Learn the crafting recipe any item
★ Find unique seed and visit the most amazing place in the world
★ Install new textures for vivid adventure
★ Upgrade your game and download this 1000 different apps!

Here you will find:
▶ Collection of existing mods for any version of the pocket edition :
◇ Pixelmon mod
◇ GTA mod
◇ Lucky blocks mod
◇ Gun, Furniture, Weapon, Portal, Animal, Pet, Dagon, Redstone, Super TNT, Morph, Battle towers and many other mode

▶ Maps for everyone for an exciting game:
◇ Survival map
◇ Adventures map
◇ Parkur maps
◇ PVP, Mini-Games, Roller Coaster, Hunger Games, Redstone, Hide and Seek, Building and more than 100 maps

▶ Server with installation in one click:
◇ Server mods
◇ Server war
◇ Mix servers
  ◇ Lucky Mine
  ◇ Mineworldpe and many others

▶ Skins by nicknames with 3D preview and rotatably 360 ​​degree and Skin Stiller. All skins are divided into categories for convenience:
  ◇ Boys skins
  ◇ Girls skins
  ◇ Military skins
  ◇ Monsters, Animals, Anime, Celebrities, Heroes, Robots

▶ Textures
You will never bored with wide variety of resource pack and shader with simple integration:
  ◇ Faithful
◇ 32x32
  ◇ 64x64
◇ 128x128
◇ Full HD
  ◇ Realistic shaders and other

▶ Seeds of the most beautiful and unusual buildings and biomes. Scout it all corners of the globe
  ◇ Seed on the village,
◇ Seed on the town,
◇ Seed on the castles
◇ The temple, the jungle, the underwater fortress, a witch and other

▶ Mobs and bosses with a full description and characteristics
  ◇ Creeper
  ◇ Underman
  ◇ Silverfish
  ◇ Ocelot
  ◇ Ghast
  ◇ everyone else.

▶ Tips for easy walkthrough. Full guide and advice from top players. You know how to:
  ◇ Get any item
  ◇ Do any weapon
  ◇ How to crafted things
  ◇ Download and install any supplement
  ◇ You definitely will not have any problems!
◈ Huge database
◈ Regular updates and the addition of new materials
◈ Automatic installation without further action
◈ Detailed description. You will not have problems
◈ Sort by category and a manual sorting
◈ Suitable for all versions MC PE
◈ To install mods needed Launcher
DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft Pocket Edition. This application is not affiliated in any way with Mojang AB. The Minecraft Name, the Minecraft Brand and the Minecraft Assets are all property of Mojang AB or their respectful owner. All rights reserved. In accordance with
All files provided for download in this application belong to different developers, we (Appscreat) in any case do not claim to copyright and intellectual property files, data, and provide them to the conditions of a free license to distribute.
If you think we have violated your intellectual property rights, or any other agreement, write to us at mail, we immediately take the necessary measures.

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Current Version
Requires Android
Aug 18, 2017
Android 4.0 or higher

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