Modere LIFE
Sound Concepts, Inc. - May 17, 2018


With the Modere Life app, you can easily share your way to success with digital tools that create word-of-mouth buzz and complement belly-to-belly efforts! Connect with new contacts and interact with your team by sharing exclusive, corporate-approved content and digital tools. You’ll have a vast array of marketing materials, videos, social assets, and more—all right at your fingertips! The powerful, yet beautifully simple design, along with compelling tools, makes growing your business simpler than ever.

NextStep: Get your business rolling by following simple step-by-step notifications and actions. These steps will guide you through using the app and starting your business!

People: Manage contacts easily and swipe to sort them by interest level. You can make connections, add notes, or check out the Contact Feed to see the tools you've shared and whether or not your contacts have actually viewed them.

Media: It has never been easier to share information about your products and opportunity via SMS text, email, or social media. Simply choose from the library of content and digital tools specifically designed to promote your business and share them with a contact. You'll even receive a notification when they view the tools so you know exactly when to follow up! No data connection? No problem! Simply download content in the app beforehand for offline playback.

Feed: Keep track of everything you’ve shared and see what your contacts have viewed with notifications. You can even swipe notifications to mark them as a Reminder. News also brings all of the latest announcements and social posts from corporate straight to you--in one convenient place!

Business: Access helpful links to build your business.

Settings: Our simple Share Setup will help you upload a profile picture, define your 'why' in your bio, and add other info that will help contacts connect with you and learn more about your business. Configure notifications, watch QuickTips to learn about the app, and more

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Requires Android
May 17, 2018

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