Monster Mall
Mobage - Oct 24, 2014


Ever thought about managing your own shopping center? Come play Monster Mall, where you can build your mall as high as you wish and run zany businesses for the spooky monster citizens. Watch as zombie customers run wild over sales of finger pies, and vampires as they shop for the latest fashion trends! Invite your friends so they can build their very own malls, then drop by for a visit! Start an empire and open up additional malls. Decorate your mall from ancient Chinese adornments to casino decorations and everything in between. Add restaurants such as the noodle store and sushi shop, add a Chinese medicine hall... or have an entire floor dedicated to games! Earn more cash by upgrading your mall’s elevators for speedier transportation, or upgrade to better items that generate higher revenues. You can even hop over to your friends malls and earn money by helping them clean up their mall. Send them gifts if you feel nice or steal their customers, its all up to you! Build your Monster Mall, manage the stores and see it flourish. Monster Mall will excite you, thrill you, and keep you coming back for more. There is a store for just about everyone!

- Build your own super monster mall
- Add monster shops to attract monster customers
- Steal customers from your friends mall or send them a gift
- Decorate your mall with tons of cool themes
- Earn money as you level up
- Share your mall with your friends
- Get gold nuggets to build faster and higher

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Content rating: Low Maturity

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Current Version
Requires Android
Oct 24, 2014
Android 2.0 or higher

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