Monster Superhero Transform
Cloud Games Studio 3D - Sep 12, 2017


Is your city under attack and you want to safe precious life from evil robots? Let’s fight begin against criminals and gangster. Monster superhero city battle is the blend of monster hero games, city hero games and superhero robot games.Come and play the ultimate monster superhero transform game of the century! In this modern futuristic robot battle era, experience the buzz in superhero robot games like never before. This eccentric fusion of monster superhero games and robot transforming games will definitely make your head spin into a million directions. You as an enormous monster super hero have to take down your enemies and show those puny nemeses who the boss is! In the most intense monster superhero transforming games, move fast to finish off the evil robotic forces and ace the survival war. This futuristic monster superhero has been specially designed for the crazy fans of robot shooting games; so that they can roam around in an epic warfare arena and test its mortal combat skills. This futuristic monster superhero transformer 2017 will definitely become a benchmark for the admirers of robot games those desire utter exhibition of transforming gigantic robot, city hero and monster superhero city battle. Knock punches with rapid intensity and prove to be a superhero amidst this outlawed city in the most fast-paced robot transforming games. Show off your speeding abilities and win this chaotic war in none other than MONSTER SUPERHERO TRANSFORM; the invincible combo of monster superhero city battle ,monster hero games, city hero games and monster robot transformation games.

★★★★ Gameplay Features ★★★★

• 10 exhilarating flying monster superhero shooter levels
• Instant transformation from monster superhero to flying monster hero and vice versa; a new benchmark in transforming games.
• Absorbing game-play involving fun much different from other robot fighting games and robot monster games.
• Exciting assaults including fire blasts, punches, kicks & jumps; for the fans of incredible superhero & city hero games.
• Nerve wrecking combat shooting adventures; a pleasing addition to robot battle games.
• Smooth on-screen gunfire & bombardment controls, specially designed for shooting games’ thrill.
• Variety of humongous monster hero vs monster robot including police opponents as well.
• Amazing visuals and electrifying HD sounds augmenting monster robot transformation games’ thrill.
• Eye-catching lighting and surreal special effects for being in sync with flying car battle games theme.
• Realistic & vibrant 3d metropolis environment with active traffic; unheard in other monster hero games.

Aim and bombard! Get ready for one-on-one war action to destroy your evil robot enemies by making the best ever fighting strategy in the most addictive robot transforming games of the era.So, have you finally become a fan of monster hero games? Transmute your monster superhero and flash your extreme demolition features. Dig into an incredible composite of monster robot games and monster hero transforming games like never before. We aim to bring you the best of monster hero shooting games, monster superhero city battle and flying monster robot games with an exhilarating fast and furious combat shooting experience. Fight for victory in MONSTER SUPERHERO TRANSFORM, the boss of all monster superhero games out there!

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Current Version
Requires Android
Sep 12, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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