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Doing Studio - Jul 17, 2017
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Mountain Shoot Sniper is a thrilling first person sniper shooting game! Here you can train your sniper skills.

The war is about to begin, so you carried out a very cruel training, shooting the target, using the telescope, paying attention to the wind. Patient and fatal effective! Become the ultimate shooter - professional killer, ready for the world war, aiming, shooting!

This is the best shooting game, it will let you feel the real war experience. Enjoy the ultimate real 3D images and cool animations. Hundreds of breathtaking missions, tons of guns and lethal weapons, people can not stop the game (first person shooter (FPS)), everything is free! The best first person shoots (FPS) game!

So are you ready to accept the challenge? In each environment which became the best sniper assassin. Use a variety of powerful sniper rifles to kill the target. Do you know that a good sniper can hold the whole bridge? When you find the target. Accurate aiming. One hit kill.

Your mission is to save the hostages that are kidnapped by terrorists, destroy enemy commanders, rogue agents and spies, and protect your country. There is no time for diplomacy, it is time for war action. Upgrade your weapons. Unlock new deadly sniper rifles. Become the ultimate hunter. Use all the firepower you have obtained. Go headshot! The world is in conflict, so you have to be an elite killer, pick up your weapon, join the tactical group, go and kill!

Mountain Shoot Sniper Features:
- Best sniper shooter game
- first person shooting perspective
- Real game scenes
- the battlefield of actual combat
- aim and shoot
- amazing music and sound effects
- all kinds of high quality sniper rifles
- addictive game

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Additional information

Current Version
Requires Android
Jul 17, 2017
Android 2.3 or higher

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